A wood fireplace is a must if you are a true wood burning enthusiast. There’s no substitute for look, feel or smell of a real wood fire. And with the abundance of wood in the State of Maine it can be a real money saver too. Manufactured, or Zero-Clearance, wood fireplaces are available in two distinctly different types; EPA exempt, and EPA Compliant.
An EPA exempt model is quite simply a firebox with a damper in a steel housing. These fireplaces can be installed for a minimal expense and often result in the most convincing realism. Unfortunately they don’t offer the greatest efficiency and therefore don’t make great heaters.
An EPA Compliant, or certified, fireplace is essentially a high efficiency wood stove in a steel housing. These models will provide high heat output and long burn times and, in some instances, can perform as whole house heaters.

Every part of the Renaissance line of fireplaces has been engineered to meet the highest standards of durability.

› Rumford 1000 The ceramic glass hideaway door is the same glass used in wood stove doors making the mechanical components durable enough that they never need to be serviced.
› Rumford 1500 With nearly 1500 square inches of high quality ceramic glass, is big enough for any room.

Majestic fireplaces with authentic masonry design and attractive finishing options allow you to create a centerpiece for your home.

› The Royalton has earned a strong reputation for classical style, superior performance and outstanding features.
› Sovereign Some things never go out of style, like the beauty and old world craftsmanship of a Sovereign wood burning fireplace.

Supreme Fireplaces Inc. has been manufacturing quality wood burning fireplaces since 1981.

› The Galaxy Zero-Clearance wood burning fireplace shown here with classic louvers in metallic black.
› Opus The first and only EPA approved non-catalytic see-through fireplace. With its appealing and modern design, the Opus is ideal for any open concept home.
› The Duet A wood burning see-through fireplace.