We also carry other types of gas burning products like gas logs and wall mounted, console type heaters.
Gas logs differ from a gas insert in that they are just a burner with a grate and logs and aren’t housed in a combustion chamber with an additional vent, but just sit in the fireplace and use the existing flue. They do require that the chimney be lined with a suitable flue liner of a sufficient size. They are more realistic looking and less expensive, but don’t provide the high efficiency of an insert.
  • White Mountain Hearth Logs
  • RH Peterson

  • Console heaters are compact efficient heaters that can work as primary heat for smaller homes or as space heaters for additions or cold rooms. They don’t provide the look and ambience of a gas stove, but are less expensive, often more efficient, and take up less space.
  • Rinnai Heaters
  • Empire Heaters