Coal stoves are still out there, and they are a very economical way to heat. Todays hard anthracite coal is very clean and doesn’t present the dusty, messy nuisance that many people think of when remembering coal burning in the old days. Coal is a domestic fuel source that can now be delivered in convenient 50 lb bags for storage and loading. Hopper equipped models have very long burn times and throw tremendous heat.

Vermont Castings products are among the cleanest-burning stoves and fireplaces available today due to cast iron’s unique capability to absorb and radiate heat.

› Vigilant This coal stove's visual appearance is matched by its functionality.

Hitzer has been a leading manufacturer in alternative heating appliances since 1975. Hitzer products are built with superior Amish Craftsmanship and are made in the heart of Amish country USA.

› E-Z Flo 50-93 hopper stove combines exceptional heat, with modern design.
› EZ-Flo 30-95 hopper stove is an outstandingly efficient and convenient heating source with a thirty pound hopper.
› Hitzer 254 Experience the warmth and satisfaction from a freestanding stove. This stove is commonly described by efficiency, versatility, and convenience.